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Shoto-Chi is a positive art that teaches how to resolve conflict with ourselves and others through effective means of communication. The art has been strategically developed through the understanding of human behaviour. We believe in creating our reality through a positive attitude towards life. - Master Rob Norton.


NEW Women’s REALISTIC Self Defence Meet Up Group

The WRSD program has joined MEET UP group. This is for a wonderful group of women to come together and learn effective self defence techniques.
Click on “Meet up” logo to view the group.


Women’s REALISTIC Self-Defence

In proud association with Mars Success Fitness the founder of Shoto-Chi is offering a FREE preview workshop for his exceptional WOMEN’S REALISTIC SELF-DEFENCE program. This FREE 90 minute workshop will be a truly positive and transformational experience.

REAL Self-Defence is not just about the physical aspect as the largest form of abuse in today’s world is emotional. Take this incredible opportunity to participate in this FREE workshop and start the process of becoming more confident in your ability to protect yourself and those you love.

BullyProof Canada – It’s Time To Take A Stand.

“The emotional scars from bullying can last a lifetime.”

This 6 week anti-bullying program offers a truly remarkable journey in developing the true self confidence that lies within.

This program is extremely positive and REAL in its approach to resolving conflict within ourselves and with others. It covers areas such as self-talk, verbal and non verbal communication with others, how to control ones personal space and how to assist others in need. It also covers the different kinds of bullies and teaches the psychology behind bullying.

If you are a parent with a child that has been bullied or would like for them to take a pro-active approach to prevent bullying, then this course is a must.

Due to the psychological nature of this specific course a minimum age limit of 12 years has been implemented. It is recommended that if possible a parent or legal guardian should also sign up for the program to be part of this educational experience.

This program usually costs $129. With the integration into MARS Success Fitness a special discounted rate applies to this course of ONLY $99. HST applies.

BullyProof Canada - It's Time To Take A Stand.

New Page Added: The meaning behind the name!

Shoto-chi: The meaning behind the name!

Are you curious as to where the name “Shoto-Chi” came from?

Imagine yourself walking along a trail surrounded by pine trees. While you’re walking you feel the fallen pines under your feet. You feel the gentle breeze of the morning air against your skin. You hear the whispering of the wind through the trees. In the distance you smell the ocean waves gently stroking the shore. You feel inspired to do great things and feel as one with the circulating life energy that surrounds you.

Shoto-Chi means “Pine Wave Energy”
Visit the page “The meaning behind the name!” for more information.

New page added on acquiring your goals.

Do you find it difficult to stay on the path to achieving your goals in life?
If so then here is the new page on how to create, achieve and live your goals. This simple 3 step plan gives you the knowledge to get motivated towards your goals.

The FENCE: DVD Now Available

Shoto-Chi is a unique art specializing in the realistic approach to conflict resolution through the understanding of human behaviour. On this the 20th anniversary of the art, we are releasing the DVD on the dynamic technique known as “The FENCE“. The FENCE in its very definition is “The intention to resolve with authority”. The methodology behind the FENCE is to control ones personal space through effective methods of communication. This DVD breaks down every nuance of the FENCE and starts the teaching process of learning how to control your personal space when there is a perceived physical threat. The DVD also includes a special section on effective verbal communication within conflict.

The techniques taught during this video are usually taught over a period of months.
You now have an amazing opportunity to learn it at your own pace.
Contact us today to find out how you can get your hands on a copy of the FENCE.

Now on sale for $24.99 CDN.Shipping and applicable taxes extra.

Curious as to what Shoto-Chi is?

Founded in 1990 Shoto-Chi has become one of the most dynamic arts out there.It is a unique art specializing in the realistic approach to conflict resolution through the understanding of human behaviour. It does not teach other how to fight, but how to resolve conflict. The art uses psychology and effective communication techniques to achieve results. As in all martial arts there is a physical side, but wait…. The physical side is not like conventional martial arts. Shoto-Chi is extremely effective and diverse. The techniques taught within the art are for real life, meaning that what is learnt is taken into all areas of our lives not just conflict. Most conflicts are actually with ourselves! How we manage our internal conflicts affects how we manage those external conflicts. Our power is within us all, not from what others give us or attempt to extract. So yes, Shoto-Chi is unique. Find out more about us by reading through the pages on this site or contacting us. We

can also be located on Facebook. look for the personal page versus the group page.